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For new and experienced flower magicians alike - we have the very best selection of flowers available in UK


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Air conditioned


cold room for our cut flowers. Ensuring the very best quality means you have to wear extra layer - sorry! It may be a little bit too cold for you but trust us when we say: flowers love it!



Yes, we do have roses. And lilies. And all the other nice flowers. But please prepare to be surprised - we do have flowers, colours and combinations you not expect...



Our plants don't like cold. They don't like it too warm either... That's why we situated them in a separated part of our company with their own air - controlled enviroment.

About us

Westflor UK Limited, which is strictly wholesale, brings to the professional florist an extensive range of quality cut flowers and plants, delivered daily from Holland in our own temperature controlled transport.

Our spacious greenhouse type complex makes browsing and buying a pleasure.

We specialise in wedding orders. Located in Crews Hill, Enfield we are easily accesible from junction 24 of the M25. And before you ask yes, we do have a very large car park!

We are closed on Sundays, except for special occasions such as Mothers' Day

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